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Claritin (loratadine) Alternatives & Similar Drugs - Iodine.com
Claritin (loratadine) Alternatives & Similar Drugs - Iodine.com
Substitutes and alternatives to Claritin (loratadine) for uses like and undefined. ... Claritin (loratadine). Prescription or OTC; 74% of people say it's worth it; 4 dosage forms; Want to save even more money? Learn about GoodRx Gold. 11 alternatives ..

A Third Category? Medicines Go Behind the Counter
1 Jan 2007 ... They claim this is one possible reason behind the drop in sales of such PSE regulars as Sudafed and its generic equivalents. ... Schering-Plough revealed in its third-quarter report that sales of OTC Claritin had increased 4% to $95 milli behind the counter claritin generic Allergy Medicines: OTC or Prescription? - WebMD25 Jul 2016 ... In other cases, a prescription medication works in a different way than what you can buy over the counter. If you have hay fever, you can treat the sneezing and stuffy, itchy nose with an OTC antihistamine such as cetirizine (Zyrtec), f CLARITIN TO SELL OVER THE COUNTER - The New York Times28 Nov 2002 ... With prescription drug costs rising quickly, one insurer is already pressing regulators to also make a successor of Claritin available over the counter. Wellpoint, the large California insurer that prompted the Food and Drug Administrat
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